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cello- clamps set(3)


$149.00 $250.00

#11014- Cello crack clamps-set of 3. 1).420mm 2)-470mm
3)550mm. (Click on picture for further info.) #11014-Cello Crack clamps- Those clamps are ideal for repairing cracks in stringed instrumenys tops and backs. They have large array of applications due to their light weight and adjustable jaw openings.
The movable clamping jaw can be easily set to the desired length. The clamping pad is concave on one side and convex on the other side and pivotes to accomodate the exact contours of the instrument.The sliding jack screws allow the crack to be leveled without the use of additional wedges. The double brass rods are flexible and can be shaped to conform to the curvature of the instrument being restored.

Type: Tools